Watermelon Slicer (Best-Seller)
Watermelon Slicer (Best-Seller)
Watermelon Slicer (Best-Seller)
Watermelon Slicer (Best-Seller)
Watermelon Slicer (Best-Seller)
Watermelon Slicer (Best-Seller)
Watermelon Slicer (Best-Seller)
Watermelon Slicer (Best-Seller)
Watermelon Slicer (Best-Seller)

Watermelon Slicer (Best-Seller)

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Introducing the WATERMELON WINDMILL SLICER, an innovative gadget that perfectly cuts watermelon into BITE-SIZED CUBES!


Knives can be very dangerous, especially when being used to cut watermelons.

The Windmill Cutter is completely SAFE and so EASY to use!

Simply PUSH THE SLICER into the watermelon, and the cubes will be CUT TO PERFECTION and ready to serve!

This HANDY GADGET also has a tiny ruler so you can adjust the SIZE of your fruit cubes.

Just IMAGINE how GREAT it's going to feel whipping this out at your next SUMMERTIME BBQ. ☀


Make your own melon salad in one minute and enjoy refreshing, fruit cubes without the hassle and without dealing with a drippy mess! 



✅  Spinning Windmill Design - Features a smooth rotating blade that's easy to operate; simply push the slicer into the watermelon. 

✅  One-Bite Size - Slices watermelon into 2 cm cubes for the ideal size!

✅  Easy to Use - An easy to operate tool that allows quick cutting and serving, straight out of the melon and onto the plate. 

✅  Premium Material - Made of Stainless Steel 18/8 material, Water-Resistant, Never Rusts!



Now, you can even CHOOSE THE EXACT SIZE you want your watermelon pieces to be! 


watermelon slicer windmill cutter on sale from facebook or instagram 2019


Fun & Easy to Use

So easy to use, simply push the cutter into your watermelon and perfect, juicy cubes come out automatically! 

best watermelon cutter or slicer wheel on sale 2019


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 new watermelon cutter wheel slicer for summer cooking or fruit slicers

Package Includes:

  • 1 x EZ Melon Windmill Slicer
  • 1 x Insured Shipping & Custom Packaging


premium quality watermelon slicer wheel cutter


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