Snore Laxx ™ Sleep Aide
Snore Laxx ™ Sleep Aide
Snore Laxx ™ Sleep Aide
Snore Laxx ™ Sleep Aide
Snore Laxx ™ Sleep Aide
Snore Laxx ™ Sleep Aide
Snore Laxx ™ Sleep Aide
Snore Laxx ™ Sleep Aide
Snore Laxx ™ Sleep Aide
Snore Laxx ™ Sleep Aide
Snore Laxx ™ Sleep Aide

Snore Laxx ™ Sleep Aide

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The Snore Laxx ™ Sleep Aide 

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Does your snoring partner have you up at night?

Look and sound familiar?

So tragic...

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No worries..

Help is on the way..

Introducing The Most Effective Snore Relief Device On The Market Today! 

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  • Gently but effectively opens nasal passages
  • Maximize airflow and proven to reduce snoring
  • Simple, convenient, and easy to use


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When the soft-tissue in the back of your throat collapses, snoring ensues. If severe enough, little to no opening will exist; thus, causing a blockage of airflow. This condition is otherwise known as Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).

Our anti-snoring device works to create a positive airflow via your nasal passageway in order to prevent the soft-tissue in the back of your throat from collapsing.

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“How is this possible?”

The answer lies within the intricate air filters and micro-screens located within the device:

  • An array of carbon air filters purify and accelerate your air intake.
  • Micro-screens in the exhalation vents act as a pressure gradient that efficiently maintains the amount of air lost in each exhale.
  • While working in unison, this device will increase your air intake without letting such excess air escape
  • End results create a positive air pressure build-up hence reducing snoring


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  • Designed according to the natural shape of your nostrils
  • Soft flexible feel
  • Superior comfort and fit
  • FDA-approved plastic, BPA- and Phthalate-free

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  • Air Purifying ABS + Silicone
  • Aides in Soothing Sleep & Reduced Snoring
  • Gentle Nasal Dilation for Increased Oxygenation
  • Specially Designed for Anti Snoring


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FORM-FIT DESIGN - Fits firmly in the nostril, forming a perfect seal without straps. Free yourself of the annoying & sometimes embarrassing side effect of a deep sleep: SNORING!

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Package Includes:

  • 1 x Anti-Snoring Air Purifying Sleep Aide


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Get yours today to finally make the dream of having a restful, uninterrupted night's sleep into a reality.

This device has already liberated over 7,000 individuals from snoring or sleep apnea! We hope that we can change your life next!


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